Learn About Our MMR Ecosystem

We deliver direct access to over 40 networks and seven subsea cable systems, multiple peering exchanges, indirect cloud access, and more in our state-of-the-art Meet-Me Room (MMR).  We enable our customers to connect to as many providers as required with no monthly cross-connect fees. By empowering you to exchange data with other carriers and providers via quick, reliable, and cost-effective connections. 325 Hudson’s MMR ecosystem enables your business to achieve operational excellence. Deployment provides a turnkey way to reduce network operating expenses, adds route diversity, and redundancy as well as avoiding existing points of failure.


Featured networks, service providers, and subsea cables in our MMR:

Subsea Cable Systems

325 Hudson provides direct access to seven subsea cable systems, keeping you tapped into a global network of possibilities. As the most efficient means of transmitting information between cities and continents, our strategic access to subsea provides flexibility and connectivity that aligns diverse operators, networks and proximity to technology.